Writers & Books, a literary arts center in Rochester, received a $4,000 grant from the New York State Council on the Arts for 2020.
Writers & Books is one of 462 arts organizations receiving $8,383,993 in grants through NYSCA’s Round II FY2020 funding to support arts programs that drive the state’s economic growth and community health.
“The arts and culture are a critical driver of health in people and places,” said Mara Manus, NYSCA executive director. “Our state’s creative industries generate a total of $120 billion to the state economy, account for 466,000 jobs and play a significant role in revitalization, education and social justice.”
Writers & Books received funding to support SummerWrite, a literary arts program that will engage nearly 700 children ages 5-18 in 70 camps throughout July and August 2020.
“We are thrilled to receive this support from NYSCA, funds earmarked for need-based scholarships,” said Sally Bittner Bonn, director of youth education. “When our SummerWrite camps are announced this spring, families are encouraged to access Writers & Books’ scholarship portal at wab.org/scholarships. Our goal is providing every child, regardless of family income, with the opportunity to enroll in camps that foster creativity and strengthen critical thinking skills.”
NYSCA will award $41 million to arts organizations across the state for FY2020. The second of three rounds of NYSCA funding includes support for museums, theaters and arts organizations that drive tourism, and anchor communities and arts education programs essential to learning for all ages, including public school students, aging populations and at-risk youth.
Round II grants support creative arts programs promoting physical and mental health, and personal and professional development in historically underserved and vulnerable communities.
Annually, NYSCA grants are awarded in 15 discipline programs and the Regional Economic Development Council initiative. Over the last two years, NYSCA awarded an additional $30 million in capital funding to 71 organizations statewide fueling community development and tourism.
“New York’s cultural sector is a driving force in our state’s economy,” said Katherine Nicholls, NYSCA chair. “As our arts organizations expand their audiences and programs with NYSCA support, we will serve many more New Yorkers and build the vitality of our communities statewide.”