Trillium Health’s new 39-foot mobile clinic is opening its doors to new patients from underserved communities in Rochester. The clinic-on-wheels, equipped with two exam rooms and a waiting area, will bring primary care to underserved and LGBTQ communities.
Services focus on treating acute and common conditions; general wellness check-ups; free testing; treatment for HIV, hepatitis C and sexually transmitted diseases; prevention education; help with insurance enrollment and getting prescriptions at low or no cost; and connections to specialists for more complex health care needs or supportive services.
The Mobile Clinic will rotate among four Rochester-based sites: The Out Alliance, 100 College Ave., Suite 100; Center for Youth, 905 Monroe Ave.; Trillium Health’s Harm Reduction program, 416 Central Ave.; and MOCHA Center of Rochester, 189 N. Water St. Additional locations for the mobile clinic will be announced in 2020.
“In the spirit of increasing access to judgment-free care, we are proud to expand our services and open the doors of our new mobile clinic to the community,” said Andrea DeMeo, president and CEO of Trillium Health. “The mobile clinic allows us to bring convenient health care to community members in places they trust and are familiar with, which helps remove barriers to care.”
Robert Biernbaum, chief medical officer, said, “For many people, accessing quality health care is a challenge because they lack transportation or believe that finances are a barrier. Our new mobile clinic removes these barriers to care by bringing health care and supportive services to people in need, all supported by an experienced and compassionate medical team.”
“We’re looking forward to having the Trillium Health mobile clinic here at the Out Alliance,” said Jeff Myers, executive director. “Collaborating with an organization that puts LGBTQ+ health at the forefront of its mission is very important to our team. With the 2,000-plus people that come through our doors monthly, this will be a great opportunity to provide our community with accessible health care right at our doorstep.”
“Providing barrier-free clinical services to youth who are vulnerable and often without adult support is the highest form of social justice. The Center for Youth believes that every young person deserves quality care and total access, and this partnership with Trillium’s new mobile clinic van brings us the service and support that is much needed and appreciated,” said Elaine Spaull, executive director.
A weekly schedule for the mobile clinic’s rotation at each partner site will be at and posts with the hashtag #THMobileClinic will provide regular scheduling updates on social media. The medical team will manage walk-ins and appointment scheduling at each partner location.