The 18th annual Greece Invitational High School Bowling Tournament recently was held at Dewey Garden Lanes.
The tournament consisted of boys and girls divisions, a team event and a single elimination tournament, with over 128 bowlers participating. The team format used the best five individual games of a school’s bowlers.
The three-game series resulted in Webster Schroeder winning overall for boys with 3,074 total pinfall, followed by Spencerport with 2,961 and Hilton with 2,883. The girls overall winner was Hilton with 2,579 in total pinfall, followed by Greece Arcadia with 2,454 and Greece Athena with 2,426.
Other participating schools included Gates Chili, Irondequoit, Greece Olympia and Greece Odyssey.
Team competition was followed by a head-to-head singles competition, determined by the eight highest individual series for each school and the next eight overall high series from any school.
Bowlers were seeded from one to 16 and a match play format ensued.
The boys winner was Tommy Parsons (Hilton) with a 247-162 win over Dylan Harter (Spencerport). The girls winner was Kelly McCarthy (Athena) with a 165-146 win over Abby Unson (Gates Chili).
Other awards went to McCarthy, high series, girls, 586; Jonathan Walker (Webster Schroeder), high series, girls, 714; Haley Grabowski (Athena), high game, girls, 243; and Jason Gatti-Ezard (Spencerport) and Bobby Richmond (Athena), high game, boys, 257.
The all-tournament teams were Walker, Joey Perez (Irondequoit), Gatti-Ezard, Parsons and Will Shannon (Webster Schroeder) for the boys, and McCarthy, Sydney Kraft (Arcadia), Unson, Taylor Lucas (Hilton) and Kailee DiGiacco (Spencerport) for the girls.