A chance find on the lawn of Elderwood Village at Greece sparked inspiration and community spirit among residents: a small rock with a painted yellow flower with “Life is Beautiful” on one side and “LeRoy Rocks” in black marker on the other.
The rock sent ripples of interest among residents and staff, who posted the find on Facebook. Then, the assisted living community on Long Pond Road started planning its own version of the project and called it “Elderwood Rocks.”
With help from staff, residents painted stones with their own colorful designs, inspirational messages and greetings for distribution around the community. Hunter Sacko, activities director, incorporated Elderwood Rocks among the activities offered to residents.
“When we are shopping or on an outing, Elderwood rocks are being randomly left for others to find,” Sacko said. “If a rock is found, we hope people will take a picture and post it on Facebook using the hashtag #elderwoodrocks so we can follow along to see where our rocks and the messages they hold end up.”