Charlie Tan admitted killing his father in their Pittsford home

ROCHESTER — Federal prosecutors are responding to Charlie Tan's request to vacate his 20-year sentence after he admitted to shooting and killing his father in 2015.

Tan, who pleaded guilty to federal gun charges, made the admission in November 2019 in an attempt to vacant his current sentence. He alleges that abuse inside his home led him to what he describes as being "single-mindedly focused on killing my father." He also claims his trial lawyers never used that emotional distress as a defense.

"I entered my parents' home through the back door, walked upstairs, turned into my father's office, and shot my father three times as he was sitting at his desk," Tan wrote in an affidavit filed in federal court in November 2019. "I knew I had killed him."

His father, Jim Tan — CEO of Canandaigua-based Dynamax Imaging — was found dead in their Pittsford home in February 2015. After a jury failed to reach a verdict, the judge tossed out the murder charge. Then in 2017, Tan was charged for illegally buying a gun to be used in a crime. He pleaded guilty but did not admit to killing his father.

In court documents filed March 6, federal prosecutors argue Tan's lawyers "very successfully" represented him for over three years.

"Their decision, which Tan accepted, to continue the strategy that he not discuss the killing of his father, can therefore not be said to be unreasonable, much less so unreasonable as to have deprived Tan of his right to counsel," the prosecutors' statement read.

Prosecutors say a hearing is not required for the court to respond to Tan's motion.

"Even within a 51-page report written to advocate for re-sentencing, these admissions stand out for their cold single-mindedness, and arguably aggravate, not mitigate, the offense," the statement read.