Airigami is combating COVID-19 and social distancing with the “Antisocial Art Show: Let’s Make Stuff Together (Separately).”
“Everyone is invited to create a piece of artwork, whether it be musical, visual, edible, readable — anything, really — in the comfort of their own homes,” said Kelly Cheatle, creative director. “Just take a photo and post it to Instagram with the hashtag #antisocialartshow. The only rule is to use what you have on-hand; it totally defeats the purpose if you head out to the store.”
To date, more than 100 images have been uploaded to the online gallery.
“The process of creating is one of the most joyful there is,” Cheatle said. “Dust off that craft bin, bust out that ukulele, sharpen that pencil, and gather those pots and pans and make something. If you’re home with the kids, have them make stuff, too. It can be a poem, a painting, a pie … even things that don’t start with the letter P, especially not things that are perfect. The important thing is that you embrace the opportunity to create something.”
While the “Antisocial Art Show” is free to all, Airigami has launched artistic ideas to combat isolation. This includes floral yard stickers, which are large balloon flowers delivered to a recipient’s yard.
“It’s the scientists that will make us better, but it’s the arts and the humanities that will make us feel better,” said Ellie Walter, of Pittsford, who witnessed a delivery to her neighbor.
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“This is a scary time for all of us,” said Larry Moss, artistic director. “As far as Airigami is concerned, our calendars may be empty, but our brains are still full of creative ideas that we want to share.”