The Dream Factory of Rochester delivered its 12th wish of the year to Peter Roomian, 18, of Irondequoit.
Rommian lives with cerebral palsy and Type 1 diabetes. His days are filled with finger pricks, insulin injections and careful monitoring of his food intake.
Roomian asked the Dream Factory for a laptop, so he could enter his diabetes numbers into a computer program that notifies his doctor of the highs and lows. He also wanted to be able to search for information and pictures of cars, as well as explore Google Maps.
Keeping social distancing in mind, the Dream Factory dropped off packages on Roomian’s front porch. Now he can keep up with his online school assignments and have something to keep him busy when the work is done.
Roomian received a laptop, printer, carrying case, mouse, ream of paper and package of make-your-own business card paper, along with a Dream Factory T-shirt, water bottle and teddy bear.