St. Ann’s Community recently distributed approximately $400,000 in bonuses to 875 employees in a show of appreciation and support.
Workers are providing constant care to residents and patients of the senior living communities in Irondequoit, LeRoy and Webster, who represent vulnerable and at-risk populations of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“The extraordinary performance of our employees during these unprecedented times deserves appreciation and recognition,” said Michael McRae, president and CEO. “We can only hope that the bonuses, along with other measures, help acknowledge their service and sacrifice. We would not be able to provide care to those most in need without our dedicated and brave health care workers.”
Appreciation bonuses went to all workers. Full-time workers received $500; part-time workers received $250. Senior managers were excluded from the bonus.
Other measures to show support for staff members include complimentary food for those on duty, and a relaxed uniform and dress code.
“Our team members are balancing work with the support and care they need to provide to their own families, especially during this anxious and difficult time for all of us,” McRae said. “They are incredible, and we are completely in awe of their willingness to go above and beyond the call of duty.”