Most people associate 4-H and horses with fairs, riding and showing events; however, participants in the Monroe County 4-H horse program don’t need to own a horse nor know how to ride one.
While riding may be one activity, the program also focuses on educational events covering anatomy, breeds, equine science and care. 4-H members then participate in events designed to challenge their knowledge, communication and teamwork skills.
This spring, 13 members from Monroe County participated in the 4-H Horse Extravaganza, a regional horse event attended by youth from area counties. The event consists of the Horse Bowl and Hippology. Volunteers led by Niki Whilden helped prepare and coach members for the event.
Horse Bowl is a team endeavor run like a quiz show, where contestants buzz in with the answers to horse-related questions. Kennedy Guhman and Ella Torrence participated in the novice section. Posh Ponies 4-H Club members Maddie Basset, Abigail Dayton, Molly Krotz and Addie Whilden competed in the junior team portion for youth ages 13 and younger.
Also in the junior section were Hilton Horsemen members Ava Ciravola, Ariana Dimitriadis, Alexis Schwab and Bryanna Wellington. Ciravola, Dimitriadis, Krotz, Schwab and Addie Whilden qualified for the state event.
Rose Lanzatella and Marissa Wellington were on a team in the senior level. Lanzatella received an invitation for state play. The New York State Horse Bowl event is tentatively scheduled for June 6 at Cornell University.
Hippology is an equine knowledge challenge that evaluates the overall knowledge of participants in equine science, vet science, equipment and farm management. Components of the competition include a judging phase, 100-question written exam and team problems. Participating at the regional level were youth from the Hilton Horsemen and Posh Ponies clubs.
Guhman and Torrence took part in the first year level (novice). Basset, Ciravola, Dimitriadis, Krotz, Isabella Mantella, Angelica Montagliano, Schwab, Ally Thummler, Bryana Wellington and Addie Whilden competed at the junior level. Basset, Ciravola, Dimitriadis, Krotz, Mantella, Schwab, Thummler and Bryana Wellington qualified to advance to the state level as team members or alternates.
Ella Bohn, Lanzatella and Marissa Wellington competed at the senior level. Bohn and Lanzatella will take part in the state contest during the 2020 Great New York State Fair in August.