I need a good reason to leave Naples. One of those is Harriet Hollister Park on Canadice Hill Road. The long name — Harriet Hollister Spencer Recreation State Area — brings you way up into the hills above Honeoye Lake. From a scenic overlook you can see the entire lake.

I got caught up on Sunday following winding trails that snake all through the park and nearly got lost.  Maybe that’s because I didn’t have Rosie. I am sorry to say Rosie had to sit this one out. She had me convinced she was under the weather, nursing a front paw that seemed to be bothering her. By Sunday evening, though, she was prancing around the village with me like nobody’s business. Maybe she was just feeling a little stage fright from all the publicity.

Check out the park at https://parks.ny.gov/parks/164/hunting.aspx.

Hope to see you on the trail!