Three research proposals recently received $100,000 in funding from the Breast Cancer Coalition of Rochester.
The proposals examine how an antioxidant can help cancer cells thrive, explore a possible reason for worse outcomes in black women with breast cancer and investigate a possible reason for the spread of breast cancer.
“Cancer doesn’t care about COVID-19,” said Holly Anderson, executive director. “Cancer doesn’t rest, and women and men continue to get diagnosed with breast cancer. Scientists are continuing their research to find a cure for this disease and the Coalition is proud to support their important work.”
The Coalition annually awards grants to fund projects with the potential to yield significant medical breakthroughs in the cause and prevention of breast cancer, prevention of metastasis, and cure. Since 2003, the Coalition has awarded $951,125 to researchers in upstate and western New York. Recipients are selected through a review process.
This year, the Coalition is supporting two researchers with a 2020 Pre- and Post-Doctoral Trainees/Fellow Grant. Matthew Lee Tan, a fourth-year doctoral student at Cornell University, and Yara Abdou, a hematology/oncology fellow at Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, will receive grants of $25,000 to support their investigations.
Isaac Harris, an assistant professor at the University of Rochester Medical Center and associate member at Wilmot Cancer Center, was awarded the Coalition’s 2020 Faculty Grant totaling $50,000.