A group of 15 volunteers are making a difference in the lives of seniors during these unprecedented times.
Each week, volunteers call residents of Linden Knoll and the Friendly Home in Brighton to say hello and check in to see if there is anything they need.
“I am so proud of these volunteers,” said Kathy Main, volunteer coordinator at the Friendly Home. “They have truly stepped up to the challenge of helping to relieve the sense of isolation many seniors are experiencing. When our volunteers began making these calls back in March when visitor restrictions were put into place, I’m not sure they realized the benefits that they themselves would receive in turn. It’s wonderful to establish these connections, now more than ever, and all are looking forward to putting faces with voices when they can.”
Volunteers said they found fulfillment and friendship through the weekly phone conversations.
“I started making the calls as a way to be helpful while staying home during the pandemic,” said Helene, one of the callers. “I continue to make the calls because these people have become my friends. It’s been fascinating to discover each person’s personality.”
Janet, another volunteer, said, “I enjoy calling the residents, because it makes me feel like I am providing some comfort during this difficult time. All in all, I think I get more out of the experience than I give.”
All agree that they are receiving as much as they are giving.
“It makes my day when a senior says ‘I smile when I see your name on the caller ID,’” said Carol, a volunteer. “One gentleman shared that he had been through the Great Depression, World War II and other significant events in history, and that we’ll get through this just like we’ve gotten through everything else. It is truly uplifting to talk to people who have experienced so much of life and see it from such a positive perspective.”
Doug, a longtime Friendly Home volunteer, agrees: “I get as much out of the calls as the people I’m calling. I will continue the calls and make visits, too, after restrictions are lifted.”