Though circumstances may keep seniors at Westwood Commons from their families, residents at the DePaul senior living community in North Chili aren’t letting that stop them from staying connected.
Residents have exchanged letters and received donations from the community. Elevation Church members sent cards and visited to share signs of hope with residents through the windows. In return, residents sent back notes of thanks and hope.
Young adults from the community also sent cards and letters. In one case, a forgotten return address on a letter had a happy ending thanks to a post on the senior living community’s Facebook page. The original sender was found and the resident sent her thanks to the young girl.
Donations included snacks and cards for Westwood staff from LeRoy Girl Scout Troop 42155, as well as homemade face masks from Brenda Adam, Michele Enders, Leslie Fine, Ashley Honeycutt, Joann Kanicsar and Penny Stoffle.