A deputy suffered a head injury while responding

ROCHESTER — The Monroe County Sheriff’s Office is investigating an incident at the jail in which four inmates experienced unknown medical issues and one deputy was injured.

The Sheriff’s Office says at around 12:40 p.m. Wednesday two inmates on the third floor were incoherent, lethargic, and experiencing unknown medical conditions, and deputies called a Code Blue.

Deputies noticed two more inmates on the same floor with similar symptoms while responding to the initial call.

The Rochester Fire Department and AMR Ambulance responded and treated the inmates.

While running in response to the Code Blue, one deputy fell and went unconscious after sustaining a head injury according to the Sheriff’s Office.

The Sheriff’s Office says all four inmates were stable when they were transported to area hospitals, and the deputy’s injuries were non-life-threatening.

The Sheriff’s Office is still investigating, but at this time they report the health issue may have been caused by a synthetic liquid substance that entered the jail through a piece of mail.

"What we believe right now, we believe there was some kind of a synthetic oil that was sprayed on paper, given an opportunity to dry on the paper, and then sent through the mail," Capt. Salvatore Amatore said. When asked if it was for the purposed of getting someone high inside, he said, "Yes sir."

The Sheriff's Office says they have seen that developing as a technique for drug smuggling in recent months. So that is their current theory.

They are now looking closely at their already tight mail screening system and considering possible changes.