As the world adjusts to life during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Irondequoit Rotary Club is combating the effects of social distancing by finding new ways to hold meetings, parties, dinners and social gatherings.
Virtual meetings allow Rotarians to plan service projects that help those in need.
The club donated a large drum of hand sanitizer to St. Ann’s Community. This will replenish smaller hand sanitizers for the residents. When the call was issued to help distribute masks at Town Hall, Irondequoit Rotary responded.
Rotarians helped Rochester Community Inclusive Rowing with a grant to help veterans and community members with any challenge get on the water and learn how to row at no cost.
Chris and Evie’s Place was delivered to Camp Haccamo in memory of Past President Chris Franco and his wife, Evie. This playhouse was supported by local residents and Rotarians across the region.