The message on avoiding the virus — which can present itself through coughing, respiratory and other symptoms — by using strategies masks and gloves and washing hands and sanitizing has been heard by everyone. Results are clear that the growth in the number of cases has dramatically slowed.
The results of the virus have caused untold human suffering, illness and death of beloved friends and family members. The virus has caused enormous damage resulting in lost jobs, severe harm to the economy and education systems, and additional profound human pain.
We would like to share some additional changes that we observed from the results of the virus: air quality has improved — images from space confirm vastly improved scenarios; demonstrations of empathy for others by checking on neighbors and honoring health care professionals; science is our guide to solutions; during meat shortages, vegetarian recipes can be great; less energy was consumed in homes and factories — can we be more efficient?; and lower credit card bills imply decreased purchasing of “stuff” that we may not need.
Is it a warning to us collectively that out of the horror of dealing with this pandemic, there are possible actions listed above that may also impact our coming battle with climate change?
Cameron Kiggins, of Victor, is studying for his GED through the Literacy Volunteers of Ontario-Yates. His volunteer mentor is Ruth Cahn, of Bloomfield.