Supervisor Ciaran Hanna recently announced his appointment of John Overacker to the position of pandemic safety director, a new title created to reflect enhanced safety coordination efforts taken by the town of Perinton since the start of the coronavirus crisis.
The Town Board unanimously approved the appointment, which took effect immediately.
“John Overacker has the unique blend of qualifications necessary to help lead our town’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic,” Hanna said. “A proven leader and respected voice in our town, I am proud to entrust John with the responsibility of protecting the safety and security of our employees and residents as pandemic safety director. Our community is in good hands with his extensive knowledge and expertise.”
Overacker is a zoning officer in the town Department of Building and Codes, and will take on this new title in addition to his current duties.
The town of Perinton created layers of procedures and practices to keep residents and employees safe, especially as Town Hall reopened to the public by appointment in May.
Overacker helped execute the town’s current emergency management plan and develop a pandemic response plan. He will develop and maintain the town’s strategy to include prevention/mitigation, readiness, response and recovery for any future events.
Overacker brings experience as a firefighter with the Fairport Fire District and previous knowledge as the fire safety officer for Nazareth College, as well as training in life safety and fire protection.
“Keeping our community safe amid the COVID-19 pandemic has been my top focus,” Overacker said. “I want to thank Supervisor Ciaran Hanna for giving me this new opportunity, and I look forward to working proactively to ensure our community’s safety as we weather this pandemic and plan for any future emergencies.”
Overacker completed two associate programs in fire protection technology and firearms technology. He is certified as an emergency medical technician, fire officer 1, licensed armed security, code enforcement officer and fire service instructor in New York state; American Red Cross professional rescuer instructor; national fire service instructor; and IFPO protection officer.