The Cobblestone Arts Center in Farmington is honoring veterans from New York state with a personalized dedication lined with American flags.
The memorial features the names and ranks of nearly 300 vets who gave their lives serving in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars.
“We remember those who sacrificed their lives out of devotion to our country,” said Lorene Benson, executive director. “Cobblestone has a kindred partnership with local veterans. In creating this memorial, it is our intention that the lives lost in these wars are seen and thus remembered in an accessible way for the community, so that we too may be inspired to live and lead with a selfless spirit of generosity.”
This is the sixth annual commemoration assembled by Cobblestone in remembrance of these vets. The memorial serves as a space for anyone in the community to pay their respects or leave flowers and personal messages.
Call (585) 398-0220 or visit for information.