A CHEER ... to Ontario County Sheriff's Deputy Bill Martin for the colorful exhibits he created to recognize his colleagues, particularly fallen Deputy Josh Shaver, as part of Public Servant Day at the Ontario County Fair. There's still time to check out all the exhibits, rides, food and everything the 174th annual fair has to offer. In fact, today is Family Day with a horse show, garden tractor pull, contests and more at www.ontariocountyfair.org.

A JEER ... to President Donald Trump for his remarks throwing upstate New York under the bus. Trump said in an interview with the Wall Street Journal that upstate is "an area that just isn’t working" and people should move. There's much we could jeer the president about, such as remarks and actions that disenfranchise immigrants, women, minorities or transgender military personnel, but this remark about upstate hits home for all of us in the Finger Lakes. 

A CHEER ... to looking past political party lines. Democratic U.S. Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand and Republican Rep.Tom Reed stood together to announce a united front to support the Finger Lakes region as a National Heritage Area. If selected, the Finger Lakes would join 49 other regions nationwide, partnering with the National Parks Service. The partnership means money and technical support to help boost local tourism as well as conserve and protect the region’s natural and historical resources. 

A CHEER ... to scuba diver Gary Gavurnik, who not only found the Hall of Fame ring of Rochester Amerks great Dick Gamble in Canandaigua Lake but then returned it to him. The easy thing to do would be to pocket the find and sell it — and he might have made a pretty penny for it. But he said the right thing to do was return it to its rightful owner, who thanked him for doing so. We concur.

A CHEER ... to the race car drivers and fans at Paradise Speedway who, Ontario County sheriff's deputies said, rushed to the aid of another driver who was trapped inside his fiery car on July 22. The driver, Michael L. Humphrey, suffered third-degree burns over most of his body. But it appears the quick actions of bystanders helped save his life.

A CHEER … to the Ontario County Office for the Aging’s “Friendly Visitor” program and for the volunteers who offer to be matched up with county seniors as part of the program. The pairings are aimed at offering companionship to seniors to stave off social isolation — a serious and health-threatening issue for seniors — and yields the rewards of friendship to both parties. Thinking of volunteering? Call 585-396-4040.

A CHEER ... to early indications that an important Ontario County position may be decided in a contested race next year. Silvio Palermo, a Gates police patrol sergeant, and Kevin Henderson, an Ontario County deputy and county coroner, both have expressed that they plan to run for county sheriff. Current Sheriff Philip Povero has not yet indicated whether he plans to seek re-election. However many people enter the race, it is always good to see a contested election — for any position — offering citizens the opportunity to make an informed choice.