City Blue Imaging celebrating 95 years in business

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Monroe County Post

Two months after a fire destroyed City Blue Imaging’s 14,000 square foot facility on Christmas Eve, the company is back to work and making plans for its 95th year in business.

“In the days and weeks following the fire, I struggled with how to move forward,” said Mark Cleary, president and CEO. “It seemed like such an overwhelming task to rebuild. In a meeting with [Vice President John Mealey], I shared my concerns. Immediately, we came up with a shared vision of a new City Blue and John enthusiastically agreed to take on the task of rebuilding.”

Cleary, who is celebrating 35 years in his role, will transition his daily responsibilities to Mealey throughout the year. The company will renovate and move to its remaining 2,000 square foot facility next door. City Blue plans to collaborate with artist Shawn Dunwoody to create more mural art on Scio Street. 

“Moving ahead, our focus will reflect our most important priorities: our staff and our customers,” said Mealey, who has been with City Blue for 16 years. “We work inside out. Inside, first, is our commitment to our employees. Ensuring our team’s pride in what we do and providing the right resources as we reinvent ourselves is a priority. From there, we work out, projecting and living our commitment to serving our customers and the community.”

The company is running all operations and pickups out of its temporary office in the Rochester Quaker Meetinghouse, 84 Scio St. Local printing companies offered to rent or loan their equipment while City Blue rebuilds.

Mark Cleary, left, president and CEO, and John Mealey, vice president, stand on the former site of City Blue Imaging, which burned down on Christmas Eve 2020.