St. John’s recognized for LGBTQ inclusivity


SAGE and the Human Rights Campaign Foundation recently recognized St. John’s on the Long-term Care Equality Index, an initiative designed to promote equitable and inclusive care for LGBTQ older adults in residential long-term care communities.  

This national benchmarking tool evaluates communities based on the equity and inclusion of their LGBTQ residents and patients. It encourages and helps them adopt policies and best practices that provide culturally competent and responsive care, and provides resources and technical assistance to bring these policies and practices to life. 

“We are thrilled to have been named to the Index,” said Nate Sweeney, vice president of skilled services. “One of the most important decisions older adults make is where to live and for the LGBTQ population, an added stress is finding a place that’s friendly and accepting. From Pride Week to featuring real LGBTQ residents in our marketing efforts to the welcoming culture we’ve created, we are proud of the thoughtful and deliberate efforts we have made to ensure our LGBTQ residents are treated inclusively and that we have culturally competent policies and practices in place.” 

Nate Sweeney.

In order to be named to the Index, St. John’s participated in a multi-step process that included completing a “Commitment to Caring” pledge, taking a self-assessment and developing plans for long-term LGBTQ-inclusive goals after receiving its customized needs-assessment report.