Monroe County Dairy Princess crowned for 2021-22


In 2019, the Monroe County Dairy Promotion program became active again after five years of not having a Dairy Princess or court.  

The program restarted with four young women who are passionate about promoting the dairy industry, representing dairy farmers and informing the public about how dairy farmers take care of their cows and are stewards of the land, all while providing consumers with milk and milk products.  

This year, the newest Monroe County Dairy Princess was crowned during a coronation ceremony at Springdale Farm in Spencerport. The event started with a welcome that included a tribute to Dawn Houppert, who recently retired from American Dairy Association North East and was killed in a car accident while on her way to her new retirement home in Florida. 

Shelby Benjamin, the 2021-22 New York State Dairy Princess, and Holly Neifergold, the 2021-22 First Alternate Dairy Princess, attended and gave an update about the latest news in dairy promotion across the state. They helped crown the 2021-22 Monroe County Dairy Princess, Abby Rouland, and her court, Alternate Princesses Faith Avedisian and Hope Avedisian. 

2021-22 Monroe County Dairy Princess Abby Rouland.

Monroe County Legislators Frank Allkofer, R-4th District, and Steve Brew, R-12th District, also were in attendance.  

Brew presented a proclamation to 2020-21 Monroe County Dairy Princess Faith Avedisian for the work she did during her reign promoting the dairy industry in and around the county, particularly pointing out her participation in milk drives during the COVID-19 pandemic. He also presented a proclamation to Rouland for the dedication she gives to the dairy industry, and helping bridge the gap between dairy farmers and consumers.  

Legislator Steve Brew, R-12th District, congratulates 2021-22 Monroe County Dairy Princess Abby Rouland and Alternate Princesses Faith Avedisian and Hope Avedisian. Pictured, from left, are Rouland, Brew, Faith Avedisian and Hope Avedisian.

The coronation concluded with milk punch and cow-themed cupcakes.