Sage Rutty celebrating 105th anniversary

Staff Writer
Monroe County Post

Sage Rutty and Co. Inc., a financial services firm based in Rochester, was established in 1915, and is celebrating 105 years of protecting and generating wealth for its clients.

“What makes us most proud are the generations of families we’ve served,” President Wayne Holly said. “That statistic, while immeasurable, is what truly means the most to our team. As recent events have shown, and as has always been the case, our ability to help our clients financially navigate the often unsteady waters of their own personal lives and the equally unpredictable political and societal landscape of the day is where we show our true value.

“The world has changed rapidly in the past six months, to say nothing of how many times it has changed since 1915 when we were established, and we’ve succeeded because of our stability as a firm, our personalized service and the genuine interest we take in our clients’ goals.”