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Greece Chamber selects Hall of Fame inductees

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The Greece Regional Chamber of Commerce reviewed and selected the 2020 inductees for its Youth Hall of Fame, to be announced on a later date. 

Now in its 30th year, the Youth Hall of Fame Award program annually recognizes students in grades 11-12 that demonstrate exceptional leadership and personal development, as well as their contributions to others and the community.

Candidates can attend any area public, private, parochial or charter school. One or more of the following qualities are considered: exceptional volunteer, outstanding employee, give service to the community or peers, cope with a life challenge and/or overcome personal tragedy. 

A committee of representatives from the Greece Chamber, including businesses and school representatives, reviews the nominations and makes selections based on the award criteria.

“We are extremely grateful to the business and nonprofit organizations in the Greece Regional Chamber membership for their ongoing dedication and commitment to the youth of our community,” said Sarah Lentini, president and CEO. “We are proud to mark the 30th anniversary of the Chamber’s Youth Hall of Fame and to note all of the wonderful young people — past and present — that we’ve been honored to be able to recognize.

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