MCC students awarded ESL scholarships

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ESL Federal Credit Union and Monroe Community College recently announced its fourth class of ESL/MCC Scholars, an earn-and-learn program to prepare students for a career in banking and finance. 

Miranda Albarran, Hunter Clancy, Jamelia Edwards, Anajah Jackson and Clifford Smith were welcomed to the ESL team at a virtual luncheon. 

Students are offered a part-time, paid position at one of ESL’s 22 local branches, as well as a $1,000 scholarship for each semester they participate, up to $2,000. Students will have the opportunity to meet with and work in other departments at the company to further their professional experience.

Other benefits include professional skill development opportunities, mentoring and exposure to various career paths. Students have the option to obtain academic credit for their work experience.

“As an employer committed to helping our community thrive and prosper, we reaffirm our commitment to developing, promoting and retaining a talented, diverse workforce at ESL, and investing in education for emerging leaders in our community,” said Maureen Wolfe, senior vice president and director of human resources and community impact. 

The long-term goal of the program is to retain the students upon graduation through either full-time employment at ESL or part-time as they pursue bachelor’s degrees at local institutions, with assistance from ESL’s tuition reimbursement program. The program also supports an initiative to recognize and value diversity and inclusion within the workforce, with priority given to students from underrepresented backgrounds.

“My congratulations go to the five new ESL/MCC Scholars,” said Todd Oldham, vice president of economic and workforce development and career technical education at MCC. “Through this program, students gain a full range of valuable career development opportunities and real-world experiences that will build a strong foundation for success in the financial services industry. Applied learning is practically a necessity for job seekers in any field these days and may even be a pathway to higher salaries.”

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ESL Federal Credit Union and Monroe Community College name the fourth class of ESL/MCC Scholars. Pictured, from left, are Clifford Smith, Anajah Jackson, Miranda Albarran, Jamelia Edwards and Hunter Clancy.