Fisher taps interim business school dean


St. John Fisher College announced the appointment extension of Carol Wittmeyer as interim dean of the School of Business.  

Having served in an interim capacity since July 2020, she will continue in the role through the 2022-23 academic year. 

Carol Wittmeyer.

“Her demonstrated experience and commitment to Fisher will continue to serve both the college and our students very well,” President Gerard Rooney said. “I am particularly grateful to her for serving as a member of the senior staff and for her leadership throughout this pandemic period.”  

In her first year as interim associate dean, Wittmeyer advanced the Master of Business Administration program and related initiatives, and worked with faculty to introduce a new core curriculum, moving some courses online and launching the corporate deep dive opportunity where students visit and study area-based global companies.  

As interim dean, her oversight of the Family Business Initiative extended into additional business programming and classes, offering students the opportunity to visit institutions including Cornell and Columbia universities to learn more about their family business programs. 

From a student engagement perspective, she supported the participation of two Fisher teams in a tax and business plan competition and the creation of new business-centric student clubs with the Family Business Club, Entrepreneurship Club and Leadership Club. She launched the C-Suite Webinar Series featuring leaders — some of whom were Fisher alumni — in the field of business in an effort to keep students and alumni engaged throughout the pandemic. 

“I started at Fisher three years ago as a part-time consultant, which presented the opportunity for full-time work that led to my becoming very passionate about working with our students,” Wittmeyer said. “Their dedication and positivity, especially during the pandemic, was remarkable. Our faculty colleagues from around the world are high achievers and inspirational. Our alumni and friends are very successful and stay so connected to us. I’m looking forward to my leadership role in the Fisher community for the next two exciting years.”  

Wittmeyer is a Smith Family Business Fellow at Cornell and a faculty member for Loyola University Chicago’s Family Business Center. She was a tenured faculty member at St. Bonaventure University, where she taught management, and founded and advised the Family Business Club. Wittmeyer was tenured in business and education, and served as interim dean of the School of Education from 1994 to 1996. 

Wittmeyer serves as a eucharistic minister at Fisher and Our Lady of Pompeii in Lancaster.