Nigerian dwarf goats join Seneca Park Zoo

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Monroe County Post

Seneca Park Zoo officials recently announced the arrival of two Nigerian dwarf goats, Beatrice and Bianca. 

The 3 1/2-year-old goats join zoo residents Azuki and Harvey in the goat habitat, which was expanded last fall to provide additional space and climbing opportunities. 

Domestic goats are part of the “A Step Into Africa” area to educate and represent that in Africa, people and their livestock need to coexist with apex predators like lions in the same ecosystem.

“Azuki and Harvey appear to really enjoy their expanded habitat,” said David Hamilton, interim zoo director. “The two additional goats will make the area that much more active.”

The goats came from Lollypop Farm, where they were surrendered voluntarily by an owner who could no longer care for them. 

“What I love about this partnership with Seneca Park Zoo is that Beatrice and Bianca are going to help expand our community’s appreciation for these wonderful animals while receiving the highest quality of care and enrichment every day,” said Joanna Dychton, farm and safety manager for Lollypop Farm. 

Timed tickets are required to enter the zoo. Visit for information.

Nigerian dwarf goats Beatrice and Bianca, left, are welcomed to their new home at Seneca Park Zoo.