Oxford Gallery reopens with ‘Coming Home’

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The Oxford Gallery, 267 Oxford St., highlights artists' interpretations of the phrase "Coming Home," including Charles Houseman's "Benediction."

The Oxford Gallery, 267 Oxford St., Rochester, is celebrating its reopening with “Coming Home” through Sept. 12.

The phrase “coming home” can signify different events and places. To most, it means a literal return to a place of habitation and/or the site of their upbringing, be it a plot of land, community of people or the place of a transfiguring experience. To others, it can signify a return to a mental state, such as a state of certainty or a condition of comfort and safeguard.

This exhibition showcases interpretations of the phrase by artists Darryl Abraham, Chris Baker, Phil Bornarth, Kristine Bouyoucos, Phyllis Bryce Ely, Mary Buchan, Todd Chalk, Alice Chen, Paula Crawford, David Dorsey, Anthony Dungan, Elizabeth Durand, Ray Easton, Carolyn Edlund, Barbara Fox, Jacquie Germanow, Margery Gurnett, Deborah Hall, Bob Heischman, Denise Heischman, Jan Hewitt Towsley, Charles Houseman, Tom Insalaco, Richard Jenks, Bill Keyser, Olivia Kim, Jappie King Black, Alexandra Latypova, Kristin Malone, Amy McLaren, Susan Miller, Barbara Mink, Sarah Morgan, Daniel Mosner, Lenny Muscarella, Fran Noonan, Bill Santelli, Ryan Schroeder, g.a. Sheller, Alan Singer, Bill Stevens, Jean K. Stephens, Roland Stevens, Debra Stewart, Kate Timm, Ken Townsend, Pat Tribastone, Bridget van Otterloo, Doug Whitfield, Wayne Williams and Sean Witucki.

The gallery is open from noon to 5 p.m. on Tuesdays-Saturdays and by appointment. Visitors are asked to observe social distancing and wear masks. Admission is free. Call (585) 271-5885 or visit oxfordgallery.com for information.

Barbara Mink exhibits "Take Shelter" at the Oxford Gallery in Rochester.