Irondequoit seeking Community Center photos

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Monroe County Post

The town of Irondequoit is seeking digital photographs representing its history, natural environment and community spirit for the new Community Center opening next summer. 

The town will purchase professional quality images, with a special emphasis on those captured by Irondequoit residents.

“Our new Community Center will serve as a gathering place for people of all generations and from every corner of our town,” Supervisor Dave Seeley said. “In that spirit, we are looking to showcase everything that makes Irondequoit special. This will hopefully include nostalgic images from our past, iconic pictures from our famous Fourth of July celebration, snapshots of our beautiful natural landscape or anything else that represents our town and the families who call Irondequoit home.”

The town will work with SWBR and a panel of staff and residents to select images. Submissions must be emailed to by Feb. 15. Visit for information. 

Special consideration will go to images submitted by Irondequoit residents, though submissions may come from non-residents as well. Individuals can submit up to 15 images. Submission review will occur through March 12.

Stock photo.