Churchville-Chili artists reveal what’s ‘Behind the Mask’

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“Behind the Mask” art by Churchville-Chili eighth grader Violet Everhart.

According to eighth graders at Churchville-Chili Middle School, the most challenging thing about wearing a face mask is that it can hide their smiles and conceal their moods and personality.

They decided to tackle this problem through expressive self-portraits that reveal their individual personalities “Behind the Mask.”

Hunter Freece reveals what’s “Behind the Mask.”

“This project embraces where we are in this difficult time,” art teacher Charmagne Dodd said. “Students use their artwork to celebrate the positive attributes of who they are, employing graphic cues that reflect their interests and noting expression in their eyes.”

The project, which originated with an art teacher in Tennessee and spread across the country via YouTube, uses folded paper to create two views of the artist: one wearing a mask and one showing who is behind the mask. 

Julie Smith juxtaposes what the face mask conceals and the personality underneath.

Churchville-Chili students used colored pencils in a cartoon style, adding patterns, color, hairstyles and imagery to define their character. As the art opens up, they are revealed with full expressions and words like “funny,” “kind,” “generous” and “creative.”

Churchville-Chili eighth grader Melissa Jong uses folded paper and colored pencils to express her personality “Behind the Mask.”
Artwork by Churchville-Chili eighth grader William Morgan.