Local artist featured in national exhibition


Sculptor Lee Hoag will present “Chances Are,” a newly completed assemblage sculpture, at “New Directions 2021” on Oct. 2-Nov. 13 at Barrett Arts Center in Poughkeepsie.  

Hoag's work was chosen by curator Vivian Li from the Dallas Museum of Art. “Chances Are” is among 38 works selected from more than 750 entries, according to Barrett executive director Joanna Frang. 

Rochester arts critic and gallerist Shirley Dawson recently said of Hoag's “Chances Are”: “I especially like the animation of this piece ... the human response to all robots ... to become somehow recognizable ... and less threatening?! This piece gathers all that sentiment together ... with humor." 

Hoag, a graduate of San Francisco Art Institute, puts together sculptures out of different materials in a process formally called assemblage. 

“Chances Are” by sculptor Lee Hoag will appear at the Barrett Arts Center in Poughkeepsie for “New Directions 2021.”

In “Chances Are,” Hoag has used such objects as a large urn made in an area woodshop, a stainless steel boat hook, plumbing materials, a scrap of fur, toy marbles, chrome motorcycle nut caps and rubber cord. Under the sculptor's hands, these different things "activate the imagination and challenge the viewer to see differently the everyday objects that inhabit our lives," Hoag said. 

Hoag related that “some sculptures, like ‘Chances Are,’ linger in development, as much as a year and a half.” In this case, the initial arrangement of objects sat dormant for months until an internal inspiration pushed it forward. 

“Much that transpires is playful experimentation leading me to an 'aha moment,’” Hoag said.  

Lee Hoag.

The artist maintains two Rochester area studios, an urban atelier on the city's west side and a space north of Fairport.