SUNY Brockport choreographers to stream thesis works

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Monroe County Post

Whether doing their coursework online, in person or in a hybrid combination, the dancers and choreographers in the College at Brockport Department of Dance have been working hard this spring. The results of their studies are about to be shared with audiences. 

The “MFA Thesis Dance Concert” will be available for on-demand streaming from 7:30 p.m. April 2 until April 17. Admission is free; patrons must register at to receive the link.

Donations will be accepted at the ticketing site. Call 585-395-2787 for information. 

One of the two pieces featured in the concert is “Weighted Spaces,” choreographed by graduate student Jocelyn Schimpf. Schimpf said her research was “centered on implementing a somatic lens of autonomy and mindfulness into dance practices in order to generate safe, efficient movement and promote overall health and well-being.” 

Making the piece under significantly different — and challenging — circumstances than she would have ordinarily meant that “another layer of meaning developed while creating this work, stemming from our relationship to the pandemic. 

“In the dance film, we circulate through a variety of spaces: the theater, home spaces, hallways, stairwells, outside in the grass, in the snow, in groups and in solo experiences. It presents the cycle of where we started, where — ideally — we were supposed to be and where we continue to navigate while maintaining a sense of community.”

“Well, Now That You Mention It" is a percussive response to the Miles Davis Quintet's rendition of "It Never Entered My Mind." Frankie Soldevere's research “examines the racial misrepresentation of tap dance in the Euro-centric Hollywood films of the 1930s and ‘40s, and how it affects the portrayal of tap dance in social media and dance films today. [The piece] invites the social, improvisational and interpersonal aspects of tap dance back into the medium of film to question and celebrate these two conflicting worlds.” 

Filmed in Albany during the pandemic, Soldevere wants viewers to “enjoy the rhythmic journey through time and space.”

Frankie Soldevere rehearses “Well, Now That You Mention It” for the “MFA Thesis Dance Concert” that will be streaming April 2-17.