HLAA Rochester announces April programs

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Monroe County Post

The Hearing Loss Association of America, Rochester Chapter, will host retired pathologist Elise dePapp for “Pathological Anatomy of Hearing Loss” at noon April 6 via Zoom. 

dePapp will discuss “how we hear and why we don’t” while clarifying the mechanics and terminology of deafness. She will demonstrate the three-part anatomy of the ear, as well as the structure of the inner ear and brain pathways and auditory centers for understanding sounds.

Joseph Kozelsky will host Hearing Other People’s Experiences from 10 to 11:30 a.m. April 8 and 15 for prospective and new hearing aid users to share their journeys and questions. The first session will deal with initiating the hearing aid journey, with the second covering reasonable expectations for new users.  

All programs are free and offer closed-captioning. Visit hearinglossrochester.org to register.

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