Southern white rhino joins Seneca Park Zoo

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Monroe County Executive Adam Bello and Seneca Park Zoo officials recently announced the arrival of Jiwe, a male southern white rhino. 

Jiwe, pronounced “Gee-way,” was born in December 2016 at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Texas. He arrives just after rhino Bill, an inhabitant of Seneca Park Zoo since 2007, moved to Riverbanks Zoo and Garden in South Carolina. 

Both moves are based on a recommendation from the Association of Zoos and Aquariums Species Survival Plan, a coordinated initiative to plan for and manage the breeding of animals across all AZA-accredited zoos to ensure genetic diversity and species sustainability in human care.

At nearly 4 years old, Jiwe is considered a juvenile. He weighs just under 3,000 pounds. Seneca Park Zoo was picked to receive Jiwe due to past success training juvenile rhinos, as well as its new Animals of the Savanna rhino habitat.

“Having a juvenile rhino that we can watch grow up will be great,” Bello said. “We know the community will embrace Jiwe as enthusiastically as they did Bill.”

Jiwe is the fourth animal to join the zoo this year. Snowy owl Tundra was announced in January, North American river otter Ashkii joined in May and red panda Willie arrived in September.

“We welcome Jiwe to the zoo family,” said interim zoo director David Hamilton. “We were sorry to say goodbye to Bill, but are pleased to know he will play a role in ensuring species sustainability for rhinos in human care.”

“We are excited to have Jiwe at the zoo as an ambassador for his species,” said Pamela Reed Sanchez, president and CEO of Seneca Park Zoo Society. “We have partnered with the International Rhino Foundation for many years, raising funds and providing grants for anti-poaching efforts in Africa. This is so critical as rhino poaching figures are on the rise in Africa.”

The zoo is open daily and timed tickets are required. Visit for information.

Jiwe, a juvenile male southern white rhino, can be found in the Animals of the Savanna habitat at Seneca Park Zoo.
Seneca Park Zoo announces its fourth addition this year: Jiwe, a southern white rhino born at the Fossil Rim Wildlife Center in Texas.