WXXI’s Reachout Radio signing off May 30

Stock photo.

WXXI will end Reachout Radio on May 30, citing that the closed-circuit radio broadcast that provides access to newspapers and magazines for people unable to read standard print due to vision loss or physical disability is now obsolete.

“The decision to discontinue our radio reading service did not come easily or without a thorough evaluation,” WXXI President Norm Silverstein said. "After surveying our listeners, it became clear that they had outgrown Reachout Radio and turned to newer, more available technology. We are proud to have been able to provide the service to our community for more than three decades, but realize that people with vision loss are consuming news and media on digital platforms that are more accessible.”

WXXI and ABVI-Goodwill launched Reachout Radio in 1984. At that time, the service had nearly 1,500 registered listeners. Now, only a handful of people are registered and, of those, just a few said they were listening only occasionally, if at all.