Society for Chamber Music to open 44th season

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Society for Chamber Music in Rochester’s 44th season will open with “Baroque and Blue from GEM,” an online event featuring classical music at 7:30 p.m. Oct. 23 and 4 p.m. Oct. 25. 

The virtual concert takes place in the George Eastman Museum, which served as SCMR’s venue in 1977-88. 

“We had such a wonderful time recording the concert in the Conservatory and we reminisced of when SCMR used to have concerts in this space 44 years ago,” co-artistic director Juliana Athayde said. 

Athayde and Nick Goluses will take the audience on a musical journey starting with Bach, then continuing to Missy Mazzoli’s re-imagining of his work and ending with Piazzolla, who used Bach’s techniques. 

Goluses performs two movements of Bach’s “Sonata III in C Major, BWV 1005, Adagio and Fugue.” Although this was originally written for violin, Goluses adapted the piece for guitar in the spirit of Bach, who frequently rearranged his compositions for other instruments. 

“‘Dissolve, O My Heart’ begins with the first chord of Bach’s Chaconne, a now iconic D minor chord, and spins out from there into an off-kilter series of chords that doubles back on itself, collapses and ultimately dissolves in a torrent of fast passages,” Mazzoli said. “The only direct quote from the Partita is that first chord, which anchors the entire piece even as it threatens to spiral out of control.” 

“Histoire du Tango” by Piazzolla explores the history of the Argentinian tango, combining Piazzolla’s nuevo tango style with the bossa nova craze of the 1960s. 

“The beguiling mixture of lively rhythms and poignant, soulful melodies will leave you smiling as you watch and hear Juliana and Nick weave their way through this mesmerizing work,” co-artistic director Erik Behr said. 

Admission is free. Visit for streaming details and directions.

Juliana Athayde, co-artistic director of the Society for Chamber Music in Rochester, will perform in the season-opening “Baroque and Blue from GEM” on Oct. 23 and 25.
Nick Goluses will present two movements from Bach’s “Sonata III in C Major, BWV 1005, Adagio and Fugue” on guitar for the Society for Chamber Music in Rochester’s “Baroque and Blue from GEM.”