RPO announces newly endowed chairs

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The Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra has announced the creation of two new endowed chairs. 

The Fred M. and Lurita Wechsler chair and The Lisk Morris Foundation Inc. chair are funded in perpetuity. 

The Fred M. Wechsler Family Trust chose to endow the Associate Concertmaster chair. The Lisk Morris Foundation Inc. chose to create a permanent endowment supporting the RPO’s education programs and the position of director of education, currently held by Barbara Brown. 

The purpose and tradition of the Endowed Chair program is to attract and retain distinguished musicians to the RPO. The program offers individuals, families, foundations and corporations the opportunity to endow a named chair that reflects their particular interest. 

“These special endowment donors cared immensely about the RPO and were passionately interested in our mission,” said Robert Dermody, vice president of development. “Gifts to the RPO Endowment act as the connective tissue that will help ensure that future generations of Rochesterians will experience both the traditional aspects of the RPO and also enhance our full range of services to meet the needs of the community. 

“As we enter our 98th season, continuing to grow the endowment is the cornerstone of our coming Centennial Celebration Campaign. Through growth of the endowment, your RPO will have the foundation and flexibility to do even more for the Greater Rochester community and be able to fully realize the potential of the orchestra’s next 100 years.”