‘Golden Girls’ starring in ‘A Christmas Carol’

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OFC Creations will present “A Golden Girls Christmas Carol: The Musical” on Dec. 4-31. 

Based on the 1980s sitcom, “The Golden Girls” are played by a cast of male actors with a new storyline.

Set present day, the story follows Dorothy, Blanche and Rose, who are excited to finally get out of quarantine and get glammed up for the Miami Community Center's Christmas Pageant. Sophia, however, is grouchy from being cooped up and dishes out some zingers while refusing to embrace the holiday season. 

Forced to face her selfish ways, she encounters three celebrity ghosts, who lead her through her past, present and future. The three spirits attempt to fill Sophia with Christmas spirit and get her to the pageant. 

Sophia (Shawn Gray) is led through the past, present and future by celebrity ghosts in OFC Creations’ “A Golden Girls Christmas Carol: The Musical.”

OFC Creations presented “Thank You For Being A Friend: The Golden Girls Musical” in April 2019 with three weekends of sold-out audiences. “A Golden Girls Christmas Carol” stars the same actors, reprising their roles: Hunter Ekberg as Rose, Shawn Gray as Sophia, Eric Vaughn Johnson as Dorothy and Eric Schutt as Blanche.

Live performances depend on state regulations surrounding COVID-19. Virtual streamed performances will be available on the same dates and times for audiences to watch from home.

Hunter Ekberg, Shawn Gray, Eric Vaughn Johnson and Eric Schutt bring “The Golden Girls” to the stage at the OFC Creation Theatre Center in Brighton.

If live performances take place, the theater in Brighton’s Winton Place Plaza will be limited to 50 attendees. Masks are required and attendees will have at least 4 seats between them and another party. 

Performances are slated for 7:30 p.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, Dec. 4-19, and Dec. 29-30; 2 p.m. on Sundays, Dec. 6-20; and 9 p.m. Dec. 31. Call 585-667-0954 or visit ofccreations.com for information.

Rose (Hunter Ekberg), Blanche (Eric Schutt) and Dorothy (Eric Vaughn Johnson) are excited to get out of quarantine and attend the Miami Community Center's Christmas Pageant in “A Golden Girls Christmas Carol.”