‘Webster Thomas Radio Hour’ goes virtual

Messenger Post Media
Monroe County Post

The Webster Thomas Drama Club is harkening back to the radio shows of the 1940s with “The Webster Thomas Radio Hour.” 

The two-hour show consists of five mini-plays: “The Case of the Missing Mallets” by RiAnn Boyer and Haley Warren, “The Adventures of the Time-Traveling Athenians” by Jenna Dow and Catherine Magaw, “The Return of Professor Z to the Planet of the Beyond” by Nate Magaw and Brynn Smith, “Murder on the Rochester Express” by Warren and “Francis Fisher: Ghost Hunter” by Nate Magaw, Smith and Warren. 

Recordings of these plays, along with sketches and commercials, can be viewed online for free. Act I and Act II are posted as separate videos. Visit bit.ly/3pnLfGT for information.

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