Geva announces newly formed Artistic Council


The newly formed Artistic Council at Geva Theatre Center seeks to provide a broad range of viewpoints from outside of the organization to inform the season-planning process. 

The council’s six members, all leaders in the Greater Rochester community, reflect the intersectional makeup of the region’s citizenry. The group will gather on a monthly basis to discuss scripts under consideration for future seasons.

Serving on the council are Shawn Brown, Luticha André Doucette, Tonia Iakonikohnrio Galban, Stephanie Paredes, Mojgan Rabbani and Esther Winter.

The formation of Geva’s Artistic Council is an early-stage, tangible outcome of intensified, ongoing anti-racism work the theater started in June 2020. 

"Through this Artistic Council, Geva is building a longer table and welcoming diverse voices to the table to share their insights,” Paredes said. “This is an important step in moving the needle of inclusion and equity both on- and off-stage.”

“It is wonderful to work again with Geva’s resident staff, and an honor to have the opportunity to work with such esteemed members of the Rochester community and be a part of Geva’s continued focus on producing multicultural stories for their audiences,” Winter said. 

To date, the Artistic Council has met twice with Geva’s artistic staff to offer insight and feedback on scripts that are being looked at for Geva’s next season, which will be its 49th.

“How fortunate we are that these passionate and talented Rochesterians are making time to help us choose stories for our two stages,” artistic director Mark Cuddy said. “Including a wider array of perspectives in the long process of season planning strengthens Geva’s ability to create productions and programming that serve our communities more deeply.”

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