Eastman Opera Theatre to stream ‘Postcard from Morocco’

Stock photo.

Eastman Opera Theatre will premiere “Postcard from Morocco” by Eastman alumnus Dominick Argento and John Donahue as an on-demand production starting Aug. 13.  

The show is designed, produced and presented as a recorded or livestream originating from EOT’s Scene Shop. It is directed by Steven Daigle with music director Timothy Long.  

“[The play] has no clearly discernible plot, but makes its effects through a powerful series of images and inferences,” Daigle said. “The opera highlights human cruelty and the resulting armor we all put up. Questioning others’ motivations, these characters spend the entire opera suspicious of one another, guarding their possessions, because their possessions define them and their existence.” 

Visit esm.rochester.edu/voice/eastman-opera-theatre for information.