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$1 for 3 months

Community Wishbook

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Messenger Post Media prints this column to keep readers informed of "wishes" submitted by local charities. Here are two agencies listed in this year’s Community Wishbook.

Literacy Rochester

1600 South Ave., Suite 100

Rochester, New York, 14620

Phone: 585-473-3030

Contact: Shelley Alfieri



Purpose: Assists adults in improving their reading, English language, math and digital literacy. Supports participants in achieving their personal goals to fully engage in their community as citizens, parents, consumers and workers.

Wish List

• School and office supplies: dry erase markers, pencils, erasers, notebooks, folders

• Copy paper: every day and No. 28

• Gift cards for event participation

• Postage stamps

Volunteers Needed

• English or math tutor: work one-to-one with adults ages 18 and older who are seeking assistance with reading or math below the ninth grade level. 

• English for speakers of other languages: help those with limited English-language skills to speak, read and write in English, as well as to navigate our culture. 

• Digital literacy volunteer: one-to-one assistance for individuals seeking help with learning computer skills, and resolving challenges like web access, completing online forms or applications, and other computer-essential tasks. 

Recovery Houses of Rochester

239 Alphonse St.

Rochester, New York, 14621

Phone: 585-802-8709

Contact: Van Smith



Mission: To provide a safe, supportive housing in a family-like environment for those who are recovering from alcohol and drug addiction, and to encourage those who want to change and improve the quality of their lives. Please see our website for more information on our mission and some of our successes.

Wish List

• Bus passes for daily rides

• Kitchen items: dishes, glasses, silverware, pots, pans

• Linens: bath towels, washcloths, pillowcases, pillows, blankets for twin beds, twin sheet sets

• Bed frame, twin

• Paper towels, toilet paper

• Passenger van for six, in good shape

• Personal hygiene items: soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, hair shampoo

• Bacterial hand soap, hand sanitizer

• Face masks

Please contact the charities directly if you can help. Visit for other local charities.

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