Girl Scouts launches Anti-Racism Patch

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Girl Scouts of Western New York recently announced the Anti-Racism Patch to reflect its commitment to Scout values that foster a community of justice, fairness and inclusion. 

Girl Scouts prepares girls to be leaders in the world, speak up, speak out and take action for fairness, equality, civility and compassion for all people, and to arm girls with the courage, confidence and character needed to make the world a better place. 

Created by GSWNY’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Committee, this patch features activities for girls at any grade level. It presents a list of DEI resources for girls to learn and start related conversations at home and in their troops.

To earn the patch, girls complete at least one “Activities and Conversations” activity and at least one “Stand Up, Speak Up” activity. These range from drawing a picture or piece of art that celebrates diversity and inclusion to researching and learning about cultural holidays or traditions like Juneteenth; western New York’s local ties to freedom fighters like Frederick Douglass and Mary Talbert; exploring diversity in the community through the census and learning what it means to have a diverse community; learning about the Underground Railroad and selecting a social justice movement to research such as Black Lives Matter, Pride or Disability Rights, and share what they learned with their family and friends; or writing a letter to local government officials calling for social justice reform. 

“As an organization that supports all girls, we are also clear that our girls of color face a disproportionate amount of discrimination in their everyday lives, which makes this DEI work so critical,” CEO Alison Wilcox said. “Although GSWNY makes a concerted effort for DEI, we can always do more and this patch will build upon other helpful initiatives that will be rolled out during the year to help girls and their families gain a deeper understanding and create more dialogue around the importance of DEI at all levels, in and outside of Girl Scouts.”

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Girl Scouts of Western New York launches the Anti-Racism Patch.