Monroe County 4-H presents 60th Horse Awards

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4-H members, volunteers and family members recently gathered virtually to celebrate the 60th annual Monroe County 4-H Horse Awards. 

Whether in person or through a computer, the awards is a time to showcase the learning and achievements of the previous project year. 

The event kicked off with STEM specialist Alexa Maille from the New York State 4-H Office presenting the 2020 Outstanding Lifetime Volunteer Award for New York State 4-H to Mary Hull.

Victoria Canales and Melanie List, of the Mariah Meadows 4-H Club, each received the Walker Hunter Jr. Outstanding Novice Award. This award goes to 4-H members in their first few years in the horse program. Nominees think horses are terrific, exhibit a positive attitude, seek knowledge and demonstrate enthusiasm. The trophy is donated by the Defendorf family. 

Melanie List receives her Outstanding Novice plaque.

The Frank Bono Sportsmanship Award is chosen in memory of 4-H leader Frank Bono. This trophy is donated by Ron and Mary Hull, as well as Bob Trowbridge and the Twin Post Horsemen 4-H Club. The award goes to an outstanding 4-H member who consistently demonstrated a positive, respectful attitude and good sportsmanship. This year’s winners are Sara Menke and Erin Zielinski from the Mariah Meadows 4-H Club. 

The Kay Bar Baby Memorial Award annually goes to the 4-H horse that most typifies the ideal project horse. The trophy is donated by Andy and Lori Lomker in memory of their horse, Kay Bar Baby. The 2020 Project Horse of the Year, Lena, is ridden by 4-H member Erin Zielinski and owned by Mariah Meadows Farm. 

The Community Service Award goes to the 4-H horse club that exhibited exceptional service to its community throughout the year. This perpetual award is donated by CountryMax. This year’s recipient is the Posh Ponies 4-H Club. The group strives to complete at least one service project each month. Past projects include protecting the environment by removing invasive species and preparing meals for families needing support. 

The Five Star Program for the 4-H Horse Project is a progressive achievement program designed to teach horsemanship skills and knowledge. First star recipients show aptitude regarding breed identification and tack identification. Awarded with a first star this year is Kennedy Guhman. 

Second star recipients move up a level and challenge themselves to identify coat color of horses or understand hoof care. Second star recipients in 2020 are Sofia Beghini, Victoria Canales, Ava Cerroni, Melanie List, Angelica Montagliano, Allyson Thummler and Ella Torrence.

Challenging themselves at the third star level were Makena Barbieri, Ariana Dimitriadis, Mattisen Rife and Erin Zielinski. These youth learn the movements of a horse in different gaits and nutritional needs of horses. 

Cloverbud members Melanie List, Travis List and Ella Schwab were recognized as the youngest 4-H youth and the future of the program. 

Erin Zielinski and Ava Ciravola were the junior and reserve junior champions at the Monroe County 4-H Gymkhana Show. Senior and reserve senior champions were Anya Katz and Sara Menke. Anya Katz received the 2020 Monroe County 4-H Gymkhana Trophy. 

Anya Katz and Sara Menke are senior and reserve senior champions at the Monroe County 4-H Gymkhana Show.

At the virtual awards program, youth were recognized for participating in knowledge events throughout the year and receiving scholarships to attend camp. 

The 4-H Horse Awards were provided in 5-gallon plastic buckets donated by Runnings in Brockport. Youth were able to gather in small groups for watch parties.