Canalway Challenge kicks off along New York’s canals

New Yorkers are invited to sign up, choose a mileage goal and explore the great outdoors along New York’s canals. The Canalway Challenge is free and runs through October.

Erie Canalway National Heritage Corridor invites New Yorkers to take part in the 2021 Canalway Challenge, and enjoy the great outdoors along the state’s canals and Canalway trails.

Participants choose a goal of 15, 90, 180 or 360 miles. They then walk, run or cycle on the Canalway Trail or paddle on the Canal System to achieve it. People with disabilities are welcome to participate in a 1st Mile Challenge by completing one mile.

“As New York begins to open more, the Canalway Challenge is a great way for people to get outside and discover all they can do along the canals and Canalway Trail,” said Bob Radliff, executive director of the Erie Canalway Corridor. "The range of mileage options is suited to people of all ages and abilities, from those who are just taking their first steps toward fitness to more experienced athletes."

The Canalway Challenge is free; registration is open to individuals and teams. People can complete their miles in one big trip or many small ones.

The 1st Mile Challenge offers people with disabilities and their family and friends opportunities to recreate together and build more active lifestyles. There are numerous places along the canals and Canalway Trail that are accessible, and several that offer adaptive bikes and kayaks.

Participants should follow all Department of Health guidelines for COVID-19 safety while on the Canalway Trail, and while visiting state parks, historic sites and communities. This year’s challenge runs through the end of October. Visit for information.