AROUND TOWN: Reader-submitted photos

Monroe County Post
Flower City Habitat for Humanity and Green Visions, Greentopia’s workforce development program, lay the foundation for what will be an outdoor classroom and garden for low-income members of the Rochester community seeking employment opportunities.
A partnership based on the goal of providing opportunities to the residents of the JOSANA neighborhood of Rochester, a new outdoor classroom will enable Green Visions’ training classes to be conducted outdoors in a COVID-safe, immersive format. It also will be used as a staging area for assembling bouquets from the community garden that will be sold to Wegmans and the Public Market.
HCR Home Care pays tribute to Lillian Wald, founder of community health nursing in the U.S., at her gravesite in Mount Hope Cemetery during National Nurses Week. Staff members have maintained the upkeep of the site, such as planting flowers and preserving the nearby grounds, for more than 40 years.