Eastman Opera Theatre to premiere ‘Elizabeth Cree’

Stock photo.

Eastman Opera Theatre will premiere Elizabeth Cree, released for on-demand streaming starting July 9. 

“Elizabeth Cree” is a Rochester premiere and features a cast of 21 students. A video of the production will be available online for on-demand streaming from July 9 through August 7. The opera interweaves several narratives: the trial of the heroine for the poisoning of her husband; a series of brutal murders committed by a Jack the Ripper-style killer; the spirited world of an English music hall; and, finally, some “guest appearances” by luminaries from the Victorian Age. 

Finishing out the EOT season will be “Postcard from Morocco” by Dominick Argento and “John Donahue,” streaming online Aug. 13 through Sept. 13. 

For information: bit.ly/3cQg9UZ.