Penfield names Good Energy as CCA program administrator

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The Penfield town board recently named Good Energy LP as the program administrator for the town's Community Choice Aggregation program. 

Good Energy is the national leader in CCA, with more than 400 active public sector aggregations serving approximately 3,000,000 residents and municipal facilities. Roughly 400,000 households receive 100% renewable energy with a combined savings exceeding $200 million. 

Good Energy will provide a 24/7 call center for customer support, public outreach and education teams and energy experts to monitor and manage aggregation plans. Good Energy is also positioned to act as program administrator for community solar if Penfield pursues that in the future. 

The town board will determine next actions based on supplier proposals presented by Good Energy. It plans to instruct Good Energy to seek a combination of the lowest costs and the highest percent of renewable energy resources. Under the CCA model, the chosen supplier would replace RG&E as the supplier of electricity. RG&E remains the electricity distributor; it will still own and operate the transmission lines, respond to outages and emergencies, and bill as normal for delivery of those services. 

The underlying strategy in the CCA model is that the municipalities leverage an entire community’s demand for electricity to negotiate with power suppliers for clean energy at a rate lower than what was recently charged by the local utility company for fossil-based energy sources. The CCA model is an opt-out communitywide program. It will include and affect every eligible household and small business in a municipality. Participants may opt-out at any time and return to their traditional utility supplier with no penalty. 

The town board has made no commitments for a CCA model in Penfield. Good Energy will conduct its due diligence, provide public education and seek substantial public input before the town makes a decision to proceed with the CCA energy procurement model for the Penfield community.