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Roberts Wesleyan opens Digital Forensics Lab

Lab to aid research for students, private sector and public institutions

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Roberts Wesleyan College opens its Digital Forensics Lab to assist with data extraction and recovery, forensic imaging, and virus and malware scanning. Pictured, from left, are Joseph Testani, director of the Justice & Security Institute, and Robert Price, director of the Forensic Computer Lab.

Roberts Wesleyan College recently opened its Digital Forensics Lab in the Chesbro Building.

The new laboratory will serve as a research space for Roberts students and private sector clients, such as corporate security teams, private lawyers and public institutions. It will assist clients with research and services related to forensic data extraction and recovery, forensic imaging, and cybersecurity needs such as virus and malware scanning.

The Digital Forensics Lab is affiliated with the Justice & Security Institute, which provides targeted threat assessment training and consultation services to local and regional businesses and organizations. JSI Director Joseph Testani will oversee the laboratory and its services. He served more than 32 years as an agent with the FBI in Rochester, Boston and Philadelphia.

“Advancements in technology have made us more productive, but have also created unique and constantly evolving cybersecurity challenges,” Testani said. “The vast majority of criminal activity and cyberthreats use the latest technology and leave behind digital evidence, which can be found on computer hard drives, smartphones, voicemail, cameras, smartwatches and other electronic devices.

“We had a vision to create a state-of-the-art digital forensics lab to serve customers such as corporate security, private lawyers and public institutions with digital forensics investigative services. We’re excited to open this lab to our students and the greater community to help them overcome these unique challenges.”

Training sessions related to internet safety, basic cybersecurity practices, the dark web and policy development are available and administered by industry professionals. The lab is adaptable to different levels of expertise, and will provide experiences for undergraduate students at Roberts to explore real-life lab assignments and internship opportunities related to digital forensics work.

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