FIRE CALLS: Bushnell’s Basin Fire Department

Stock photo.

The Bushnell’s Basin Fire Department responded to 47 calls for assistance in July 2021.    

July 1: Motor vehicle accident with injuries on Kreag Road at Sully’s Trail and building fire on Moseley Road.  

July 3: Emergency medical services in Spruce Ridge.  

July 6: Emergency medical services on Santa Drive and motor vehicle accident with injuries on Interstate 490 eastbound.  

July 7: Emergency medical services on Pittsford-Victor Road.  

July 8: Two motor vehicle accidents with injuries on I-490 eastbound and another on I-490 westbound.  

July 10: Motor vehicle accident with injuries on I-490 eastbound.  

July 13: Smoke detector activated on Lancashire Way, and automatic alarms on Cressier Court and Powder Mill Drive.  

July 15: Automatic alarm on Benedict Road, motor vehicle accident with pedestrians injured on Woodcliff Drive and automatic alarm on Bristol View Drive.  

July 16: Automatic alarm on Sully’s Trail.  

July 17: Motor vehicle accident on I-490 westbound and tree burning on wires on Crescent Hill Road.  

July 18: Power lines down on Benedict Road and Kurt Road, automatic alarm on Bristol View Drive, water problems on Brook Hollow and Burnley Rise, and gasoline spill on Acorn Lane.  

July 21: Motor vehicle accident with injuries on I-490 westbound and pedestrian struck on Pittsford-Victor Road.  

July 22: Motor vehicle accident on I-490 westbound.  

July 23: Automatic alarm on Ayrault Road.  

July 24: Reported fire on Ranney Drive and smoke in the structure on Arrowhead Way. 

July 26: Automatic alarm on Neuchatel Lane.  

July 27: Kitchen fire in oven on Timber Lane.  

July 28: Working house fire on Little Spring Run and two automatic alarms on Ayrault Road.  

July 29: Motor vehicle accident on Pittsford-Palmyra Road, automatic alarm on Bittersweet Road and smoke in building on Moseley Road.  

July 30: Smoke in the structure on Manorshire Drive, and motor vehicle accidents on Pittsford-Palmyra Road and I-490 eastbound.  

July 31: Emergency medical services on Blackwatch Trail and Little Brook Drive, and automatic alarms on Ayrault Road and Wenham Lane.